it is a very controversial, sad question that whenever I ask myself I become gloomy, I always find a way to forget, but I remember it every now and then, today I asked myself this question, and now I am really sad, we eat, drink, make money, get high, make love, sleep, piss, but we are spiritually empty, that's because we believe, but we don't know, we imagine, but we don't see, we expect what will happen, but we do not know the future.


  1. Anonymous said...

    What is the point of life?

    Some questions are really has No answers... Or, it has many many answers..
    such as yours up there..
    it's one question but it has many points of view..
    In My view, the point of life Is Simply "The Death" !
    Just when we are a live, we can wait for the death and it's our point, it's the life point!
    To Me, I always ask myself: When Am going to Die? and how it's going to be?
    I think It's equal .. LIFE and DEATH are The Same, and both of them Is Perfect!

    By the way, In every time I read for you.. I feel So happy, and I keep Smiling all the time, May be cause I know you :)
    But No, it's because your words are amazing , really Many thanks Ahmed :))


  2. 3rby said...

    everything became so shallow, everything became like fluid, I don't know if it is because of globalization, or if it is because of the lack of democracy, personal freedom or even a national goal, things are so unclear, life became so

  3. Blogger said...

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