Refrences' variety

"common sense" is such a meaningless expression, ideas are based on one's background, ideology, knowledge, culture, or whatever your brain uses as a reference, that's why everybody is different, when you judge something you do that according to your cultural standards and background, both depend on religion especially in our eastern society, that is why people converting from a religion to another here are less than people doing so in the west-as they have a big diversity there, so the reference is not as fixed and rigid as here-, so it is really absurd, just another vicious circle, if we can judge fairly then the right religion or thought would have prevailed, which didn't happen, and will never do, it is a matter of relativity, it is very rare and odd that you find someone who converted just like that.

there is a mythological/ metaphysical part in religion that has nothing to do with logic, we just believe in it cuz we were born like that, for the standards or the principles, it is-or almost-the same in any religion, so logical, fair, and necessary, whether Abrahamic or not, they are only different in the way they apply these principles.

I didn't say it is our fault, neither did I say it is the religion's fault, it is just the way it is, you are the adversary and the referee, that's why trying to prove anything is absurd, that's why some questions will be unanswered till infinity, that's why there is a difference between knowledge and belief, believing in something does not make it true, if this concept prevailed, peace between different ideologies and religions will consequently do.